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The new letter was written partly in response to another letter released earlier this year signed by 50 researchers which opposed changing the wolves’ endangered status “We thought it was important to show that there are scientists who support the delisting” Wydeven told ScienceInsider The earlier letter sent this past February to members of Congress argued that gray wolves are far from recovered because they have fully returned to only a small portion of their former range—the Great Lakes states and the northern Rocky Mountain states of Montana Idaho and Wyoming Prior to the 20th century the canids inhabited most of the contiguous 48 states Without federal protections wolf expansion into the original range won’t happen opponents of delisting say Since the judge’s ruling scientists and conservationists have worried that Congress might step in and remove protections for the Great Lakes’ wolves and those in Wyoming—as it did in 2011 when it downlisted the canids in several western states Indeed this past week senators Ron Johnson (R–WI) and John Barrasso (R–WY) introduced legislation to circumvent the ESA and delist the wolf populations in Wyoming and the Great Lakes region Mech says that this sign of political frustration isn’t surprising “When an animal is recovered and it’s not delisted [that] impugns the ESA” he says “and it gives ammo to those who dislike the act” The Great Lakes wolves he adds met FWS’s recovery criteria in 1999 And he warns that continuing to list the species will only “make people hate [wolves] as they did in the past” John Vucetich a wildlife ecologist at Michigan Technological University in Houghton and a signer of the February letter sees things differently “The problem is that the recovery criteria don’t meet the standards of the ESA” he says And “if wolves are threatened by peoples’ hatred then the ESA requires this threat to be mitigated” He predicts that if the wolves are taken off the federal list “every one of these states will have a wolf hunting season ending any further expansion of the gray wolf”The Easter proclamation is perhaps the strangest and most radical message ever given: "Jesus Christ is risen from the dead" The words have become so commonplace that weve perhaps forgotten how weird and how wonderful they truly are Along with that there have been attempts by religious scholars in the past two centuries to reduce this resurrection message into a mythical story or a mere statement of Gods faithfulness to his people But as we come again to the great and climatic feast of our Christian faith its time again to reconsider those wondrous words as if for the first time: Jesus Christ is risen from the dead The disciples first reactions to this news were remarkable You can feel their excitement jump off every page of the New Testament The Gospel writers give an eyewitness account of what happened Every detail mattered to them Remember as John tells us the disciples were not expecting Jesus to be resurrected After all he was brutally executed by the Roman regime and buried in a grave This wasnt some hack job; this was a professional execution by the most powerful government in the ancient world But after an encounter with the resurrected Jesus Peter goes back to downtown Jerusalem andfilled with a new spiritgives the first great Christian sermon He tells the crowds the startling news that the Nazorean who was executed and buried had been raised from the dead Its important to note that this wasnt some vague claim about Gods faithfulness or about a future hope for immortality Peters Easter faith wasnt an abstraction It was the result of a lived experience with Jesus of Nazareth He had experienced for himself that complex drama about the goodness of creation the pain of sin and brokenness and the power of Gods redeeming love Recall that Peter himself was crucified in Rome years later under the regime of Nero He didnt die for defending a faith in mythical and philosophical claim but for defending a faith in a historical person and event For the followers of Jesus the historical resurrection of Jesus from the dead changed everything The excitement of the early Church even bordered on arrogance Pauls holy taunt embodies this: "O death where is your sting O hell where is your victory" While the disciples journey with the resurrected Jesus transformed their lives it sometimes appears to not have the same effect on todays Christians As Pope Francis has recently complained "there are Christians whose lives seem like Lent without Easter" When Mary Magdalene encountered the empty tomb she ran to tell the others the news Todays Christians must imitate Marys posture We too must make haste to share the impossibly good news that God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead and that through his great love our lives and our society can be given a new horizon and a decisive direction The growing temptation to make Christianity a bourgeois faith that is reduced to mere ethics and platitudes must be rejected That isnt a faith that will change our lives or have any effect on society Its a faith without a future This Easter invites Christians to again to re-center our faith on the person of Jesus and his resurrection from the dead We mustnt forget the story of our people: that God pitched a tent among us and shared our human lot in Jesus Christ To the poor Jesus proclaimed the good news of salvation to prisoners freedom and to those in sorrow joy In his death our death was destroyed and in his resurrection our lives were restored And that we might live no longer for ourselves he gave us a Holy Spirit to serve others and to renew the face the earth In spite of our continual failings as individuals and as a society God has never grown tired of loving us This Easter story isnt simply for us but also for the transformation of our families our communities our Church our country and the entire world The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead gives us a chance to reimagine and reconstruct human life and society once again It allows us to become collaborators in Gods great dreams for a world where everyone is welcomed loved and forgiven and where every man woman and child experiences the salvation that Christ won for us in his death and resurrection Jesus Christ is risen from the dead This is our faith and this is the faith of the Church Two millennia later and it is still good news indeed Christopher Hale is a senior fellow at Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good He helped lead national Catholic outreach for President Obamas re-election campaign You can follow him on [email protected] Contact us at [email protected] youre just really hungry or you and a mate are looking for a meal on the cheap its hard to go past a two-for-one pizza deal Sure theyre not the healthiest thing on the menu it allows people to eat on the cheap But it seems as though that could all be a thing of the past in Scotland if Jamie Oliver gets his way Most of us arent over the loss of our beloved Turkey Twizzlers and if this proposal went through there would be a hell of a lot of angry people who want to get their hands on the Naked Chef After meeting with Nicola Sturgeon Jamies plans to free the world of childhood obesity seem to have rubbed off a bit on the First Minister of Scotland The two met to discuss how to stop young kids from getting overweight and Nicola vowed to bin off out cut-price unhealthy mealsCredit: PA Nicola plans to get rid of cheap food deals with a high content of fat salt or sugar meaning that not only could 2-4-1 pizzas be on the chopping block but also any other dinner-time staples that might have too much fat and saltOf course the internet had a lot to say with angry Scots taking to Twitter to vent their frustration at the plans which will be published this summerOne Twitter user declared: "Sorry Jamie Oliver but if we are in the mood to smash a Dominos pizza once in a while thats our decision and we shouldnt be penalised for a treat Banning 241 isnt a solution – lets start with making healthy food more affordable and decent food technology classes in schools" Another added that this isnt an attack on obesity but on low-socioeconomic families: "These 2 for 1 deals are some familys treat night and makes it affordable for them to have pizza night with their kids"Not up to him to make peoples choices for them Should concentrate on himself and own family" (sic)I hear you guys heres a thought what do you think about the idea of having 3 healthy BOGOFs for every junk food BOGOF? Wisconsin.

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