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This is business as usual This is the normal way The issue is that Zika created an emergency situation that clearly shows the flaw of the system and really exposes the problem [It’s] a slow process thats cumbersome that most researchers are not familiar with" Still there are several research groups based in Brazil and abroad that are taking different approaches to find the answer Marques research team is currently studying a cohort of people with fever symptoms over the long term to understand how their antibodies respond to mosquito-borne infections like dengue and Zika They are also working to compare the immune responses of pregnant women with the Zika virus to women with Zika who are not pregnant His lab also recently confirmed the presence of Zika virus in the brain tissue of 12 infants with microcephaly in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco Ground Zero of Brazil’s Zika Outbreak Isabel and Moises Albuquerque and their son son at the Associacao de Assistencia a Crianca Deficiente a rehabilitation center for disabled children in Recife Brazil Feb 1 2016 Sebastian Liste—NOOR for TIME Dr Vanessa Van Der Linden a neurologist at the Associacao de Assistencia a Crianca Deficiente measures the head of a baby with microcephaly in Recife Brazil Feb 1 2016 This center has seen 69 children with microcephaly so far Sebastian Liste—NOOR for TIME Adriana Cordeiro da Silva 29 and her seven-month-year-old son Jose Bernardo who was born with microcephaly at the Associacao de Assistencia a Crianca Deficiente rehabilitation center in Recife Brazil Sebastian Liste—NOOR for TIME Dr Vanessa Van Der Linden shows brain scan images from a boy with microcephaly at the Associacao de Assistencia a Crianca Deficiente a rehabilitation center for disabled children in Recife Brazil Feb 1 2016 Sebastian Liste—NOOR for TIME A health worker sprays insecticide in the Nova Descoberta neighborhood of Recife Brazil Feb 1 2016 Recife became Ground Zero for the outbreak of Zika cases Sebastian Liste—NOOR for TIME Juliana Diniz da Slva 22 with her three-month-old son Pedro Henrique da Silva in her house in Nova Descoberta a favela in the outskirts of Recife Brazil Feb 2 2016 When she was seven months pregnant doctors discovered the baby had the rare birth defect Sebastian Liste—NOOR for TIME Members of the military walk the streets of the Nova Descoberta neighborhood in a campaign to prevent the transmission of the Zika virus in Recife Brazil Feb 2 2016 Sebastian Liste—NOOR for TIME Aedes aegypti mosquitoes are seen at the Fiocruz Institute in Recife Brazil Feb 2 2016 Sebastian Liste—NOOR for TIME 1 of 8 Advertisement The CDC will also soon kick off a case-control study examining infants with microcephaly and compare them to infants of similar ages without microcephaly to see what differences there may be in the babies risk factors and other exposures The agency recently completed the initial enrollment phase of a similar trial looking at the connection between Zika and Guillain-Barré syndrome another neurological disorder that has been linked to the Zika virus Other researchers are trying to learn what the differences may exist if a pregnant women gets Zika in her first month of pregnancy versus her sixth "Right now I think the definitive proof will come up with a good epidemiology study where the cases and the controls are very well studied for the presence of the virus" says Marques Theres some early speculation that there may be additional factors that play into whether Zika causes microcephaly For instance several researchers TIME spoke to say they are curious whether there are other confounding factors like a separate infection or environmental exposure that increases the odds of the disorder "Theres a lot of dengue circulating in the area and we know that antibodies against dengue react against Zika So in some ways perhaps the antibodies against dengue could be facilitating the Zika virus to go across the placenta" says Marques However that theory remains speculative In the meantime families affected by the virus are left largely in the dark about what will happen to their babies down the line Doctors and scientists remain uncertain about how the babies will develop as they grow "Something that really makes me sad was the lack of information that the mothers have" says Dr Maurício Lacerda Nogueira a dengue researcher based in the Brazilian city of São José do Rio Preto who recently observed several babies with microcephaly in the city of Salvador Brazil "One mom asked me the head of my child is still going to grow right doctor I had to step out of the room and breath three times" Contact us at [email protected] "We identified the Zika virus in brain tissue. 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tweeted that multiple people had been shot. “But it starts with making sure that every woman is getting a fair shot. It’s time for a woman’s economic agenda that grows our economy for everybody”Getting helpIt’s a theme that resonates with Gill-Nelson who quit her longtime job in child-protection services a few years ago to get a nursing degree from Northland Community and Technical College in East Grand ForksShe said starting as a new nurse meant being at the bottom of the pay scale while paying off college loans The federal Income-Based Repayment program which allows those with college debt to repay at a level they can afford helped her out a lot especially as a single mom she saidThomsen is the youngest of her four daughtersAfter Gill-Nelson wrote the president to praise the IBR program she said he wrote a personal replyObama’s agendaOn Thursday Obama urged Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act and raise the federal minimum wage to $1010 an hour which he said would help the “disproportionate number” of women in low-paying jobsThe Paycheck Fairness Act would make it easier for women to sue an employer for paying them less than men doing comparable jobs Critics say the law isn’t needed because women can be underpaid by choice for example choosing a workplace that pays less but has family-friendly policies Obama also urged Congress to require employers to offer paid leaves of absence to take care of children or parentsThe president said the issue is personal to him being raised by a single mother who put herself through school while raising two children His grandmother the main breadwinner in the family hit a glass ceiling training men who would be her boss but never given the promotion herself he saidGill-Nelson said she agreed with everything the president saidOf the experience she said “It was fantastic more than I ever expected”Lee Mun Wah a Chinese-American diversity educator documentary filmmaker author poet and teller of Asian folk tales will be at UND today and TuesdayA viewing and discussion of the film "If These Halls Could Talk" will take place from 6:30 to 9:30 pm today in the River Valley Room at the Memorial UnionWah will also be the keynote speaker at a student session from 1:30 to 2:30 pm Tuesday in the Lecture Bowl at the Memorial Union Currently executive director of Stirfry Seminars & Consulting Wah has served as a resource specialist and counselor in the San Francisco Unified School District for more than 25 yearsScience women grad school panel at UND TuesdayThe UND Women in Science (WIS) and the Graduate School will host a panel called "The Career Pathways of Women in Science" The event will begin at 12:30 pm in the River Valley Room at the Memorial Union The panel will go from 1 to 2 pm TuesdayThe goal of this and future UND WIS panels are to showcase the talents and accomplishments of UND scientists and to provide an opportunity for people to meet and interactNew to campus this year WIS is open to all students and any faculty member interested in encouraging women in science technology engineering and mathematicsNCTC will offer UAS tuition waiverNorthland Community and Technical College (NCTC) is offering a tuition waiver for its unmanned aerial systems maintenance training certificate The grant will waive 22 of 30 credits and is a requirement of the $49 million US Department of Labor grant which allowed NCTC to establish the nation’s first UAS maintenance programThe grant is available only to participants for UAS-specific courses through February 2013 For more information call the Northland Aerospace Office at (218) 683-8828 or see wwwNorthlandAerospacecom Ethics forum at UND hosts disgraced brokerPatrick Kuhse who spent four years in federal prison for fraud will talk about ethical behavior in business at UND’s 2011 Olafson Ethics Symposium at 7:30 pm Thursday in the Memorial Union Lecture BowlKuhse was the investment adviser for the state of Oklahoma’s portfolio when he illegally bumped up his commission according to the universityAfter he was discovered he spent four years on the run in Costa Rica He eventually decided to turn himself in Kuhse now devotes himself to speaking about ethics to audiences worldwide He’ll describe his descent down the slippery slope of unethical behavior his critical thinking errors and his gradual lapse into corruptionThe symposium is designed to engage students alumni and local business leaders It is free and open to the public A dessert reception will follow Kuhse’s presentationFor more information go to wwwbusinessundedu or email [email protected] students research forum Friday at UNDNineteen students from UND’s Honors Program will take part in the first annual Fall Undergraduate Research Forum on campusThe students will make oral presentations and display posters starting at 10:30 am Friday in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl and Badlands RoomNatural sciences presentations will be from 10:30 am to noon Multi-disciplinary presentations will be from 12:30 to pm Physical sciences presentations will be from 2 to 3 pm Social science presentations will be from 3 to 4 pm’Business After Hours’ at UND ThursdayChamber of Commerce members will get a close-up view of high-tech mannequins used to teach medical and health professions students at UND when the medical school hosts Business After Hours from 4:45 to 7 pm Thursday The interactive models simulate human functions: They breathe talk sweat — even give birth The event is sponsored by the Chamber of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks as a networking opportunity The medical school is at 501 N Columbia Road Parking is free; refreshments will be provided Study finds NDSU underfundedFARGO — A new study says North Dakota State University has too few faculty for the number of students and is significantly underfundedThe review also found the school would need to hire 175 professors to get the ideal faculty-student ratioAn independent risk assessment of the North Dakota University System also raises concerns about whether state dollars are being appropriately disbursed to the state’s 11 colleges and universitiesThe assessment cost $96000 It was paid for by the 11 campuses and the university system office live in California but already have paid visits to Cloquet.