Adama’s refuge

first_imgGorka Leiza & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Adama’s first record.Gorka Leiza (DAILY AS) In those 80s, Adama’s parents arrived in the Can Serra neighborhood of L’Hospitalet, where they began to make a living working in a car workshopthe father and taking care of the house and the little ones, Mother. Adama was born in 1996, a year after Moha, who came to play in the subsidiary of Espanyol. In the 2001-02 season, the Wolves player He joined the neighborhood team, La Florida. “It was prebenjamin, but from the first moment He showed that the category was too small. They all remember him very fast and scorer ”, slides Luis González, vice president of the club where Robert Moreno, former Spanish coach and now in Monaco, also trained as a player and coach. In fact, his father, who was a taxi driver, was also the president. Neighborhood soccer matches. “It’s a plain constantly exposed to the sun, a sun that here seems to be suspended just above the earth,” explains Mali, the Polish journalist Ryszard Kapucinscki in Ebony, the quintessential African book. Amid that scorching heat, Adama Traoré’s family was born. From Diagala, a small region near the capital Bamako, there is hardly any information. “I was very small when my brother came to Spain. It was in the 80s. Our family is large, I don’t know how many we will be, maybe about 60, ”explains Setou Traoré, Adama’s uncle, Wolverhampton player who visits RCDE Stadium on Thursday and who stands out in the Premier for his physical power. Everything that surrounds African customs and blood ties is a nebula, so much so that Setou fails to specify the family tree of the Traoré family.The Diagala team, from the Adama family town in Mali. Adama’s link with the La Florida club was fleeting. He went to L’Hospitalet, then tried at Espanyol until he was finally signed by Barcelona. His speed was that of an athlete, remembered as the terror of Catalan football defenses. Despite flying to more reputable clubs, Adama never forgot her origins.“When he comes to Barcelona he usually walks around the neighborhood, with his usual friends, ”says Setou. “I want to be like him. What I like most is that it is very fast, ”slips Sama, his 11-year-old cousin who plays in the juvenile category in Florida and who is also a scorer. He wants to follow in his footsteps and always looks forward to his cousin’s visits to see him. “We still have not been able to go to England,” they lament.Adama, with her cousins ​​in her home in L’Hospitalet. “We have few teams. Now we are trying to grow in the female category. But the players that stand out, other clubs take them away, ”argues Luis, who admits that they usually play children from the neighborhood, of multiple nationalities. Florida has the highest density in Europe of inhabitants per square kilometer (74,601), according to Eurostat, and 46% of its population is born outside Spain, mainly from Latin America. Among those streets Adama was raised, now an executioner of Espanyol.last_img read more

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