Wondering how to start 3D printing Make has you covered

first_imgFor most of us, 3D printing is endlessly interesting, but also somewhat impenetrable. It’s something we’d love to get involved in, but there are just so many questions that need to be answered. What is reprap? Which printer should I get? Should I look into CNC or just 3D printing? And, most of all, what the heck am I going to make? While all that information is available somewhere on the Internet, it’s scattered and not always as reliable as you might like. Realizing this, the team at Make put together their Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing.The guide, which is available as a 116 page magazine and an ebook (both are $9.99) offers an introduction to all aspects of 3D printing, from the terminology, to the plastics, to the software, to services for people that don’t actually own 3D printers.The guide also reveals Make’s findings from their testing of 15 different printers. Some of the models they put to the test include the Afinia H-Series, Bukubot 8, MakerGear M2, MendelMax Pro, Ultimaker, and MakerBot’s famous Replicator 2. The prices of the tested models range from $4,370 all the way down to the $399 Printrbot Jr. Recommendations were given out so each type of buyer will know which model to get. For example, users looking for the fastest performance should consider the Ultimaker while those looking for the easiest possible setup will like the Afinia H-Series.There is a lot of information in the guide (even more than I expected) and it looks like it’s going to stay relevant for some time, even considering the seemingly endless supply of 3D printers being released on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The information will never be as complete or as timely as what you can find across the Internet (or, you know, on Geek.com), but as a distillation of the available knowledge with a healthy portion of analysis from Make’s crack team, it’s a guide that I’d recommend reading.Learn more at Make.comDisclosure: I played no part in the 3D Guide and don’t care if you buy it or not, but it’s published by O’Reilly/Make, the same company that published my book about LED lighting.last_img read more

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