PornMD breaks down the worlds porn searches by keyword and region

first_imgBy now, everyone probably realizes that, thanks to the internet, pornography is ubiquitous. Also thanks to the anonymity of the internet, people who consume porn don’t have to be embarrassed about what they like, and can freely search.Porn search engine PornMD has collected the millions of keywords used to search for porn on their site, and broke them down to show us what each region of the world is into when searching for porn.The chart is easy to use. All you have to do is choose a region of the world from the top selection, and a map of that region will invoke. A list of the top ten most searched for porn keywords will be displayed for that larger region. If you hover your mouse of any of the regions within the overall area you selected — such as states or countries, depending on the landmass — you’ll get a breakdown of what the top ten most searched for porn keywords are for the smaller area. Be warned, some of the words are not safe for work.While major areas of the world, such as the United States or England, search for pretty bland keywords — like “teen” or “college” — some breakdowns of individual states and other areas of the world have more specific tastes.After a bit of perusing, one interesting trend that arises is many areas of the world search for keywords specific to its own nationality, followed by keywords specific to race. For instance, the United Kingdom’s top result is “british.” All ten of Japan’s top keywords either include “japan” or “japanese,” or are related to Japanese culture in some way. Canada’s top result is for “asian.” Interestingly, the five top results for America, on the other hand, don’t have to do with race or nationality at all, up until the sixth result of “asian.”If you’re more interested in seeing what porn other people watch than watching porn yourself — or just need a break for a few minutes from the massive amount of porn you’ve been watching — PornMD’s map is certainly enlightening.last_img read more

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